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     Welcome to our second newsletter for the 2019/2020 school year!  We hope that you find our updates insightful, interesting, and inspiring.   
     To learn more about the program, click the button below.                                                    
See the website!
  • New Website! Our new website just launched on December 2nd. It features participant projects, a calendar with all of our events that you can add to your account, and more.

  • Advanced Video Game Design Workshop We get it -- girls LOVE making video games! That's why we're hosting a second workshop. Read below!

  • App Inventor Workshop Mark your calendars! The second workshop (and countless of Info Meetings) are upon us. Come have a cookie with us!

  • TOP 30 T-Mobile Changemaker Challenge Two leaders will be traveling to Bellevue, WA to pitch this project to CEOs at T-Mobile Headquarters. Attend our watch party!

  • Alyssa Carson Read about this teen's journey to Mars (and she's only 18!).

  • **NEW** Advanced Video Game Design Workshop

    Our video game design workshop is always a fan-favorite. This February 25-27 past participants can continue designing video games using more advanced tools and techniques (like Makey-Makeys, challenge levels, and advanced game mechanics). Previous experience with programming is preferred. Sign up using the regular register link.

    Project Feature

    For this next feature, see participant Jasmine keeping our lakes safe from invasive species. Click the button below!

    Play games!

    App Inventor Workshop

    The second workshop of the season will be January 14-16 at the Portage Boys & Girls Club. No previous experience necessary (and it's free for Club members).  To register for the workshop, visit shecantech.org/register. To request a scholarship for membership, email central@shecantech.org with the participant name age, and school; and parent name, phone number, and email.

    Save the Date!
    Upcoming Info Meetings
    Fegely Middle School | January 8 | 3:15pm to 4:15pm
    Willowcreek Middle School | January 9 | 3pm to 4pm

    Students and families should follow us on social media to keep up with information about Family Preview Nights, Info Meetings, and more pop-ups across Greater Northwest Indiana.
    Changemaker PARTY!   
    TOP 30 out of over 425 project worldwide - that's how She Can Tech stacks up on change-maker quality! T-Mobile announces the Changemaker Challenge Winners today. Winning projects will be flown to Bellevue, Washington for a 2-day intensive workshop and competition to improve the program and pitch our project to a panel of CEOs. On February 20, we will be hosting a watch Party and an 'Introduce a Girl to Engineering' workshop. This one-day event will be held at the Portage Boys & Girls Club. Everyone is invited, regardless of age or gender, for a fun time. Learn about the Challenge by clicking the button below.
    See the Winning Projects!
    DIY LED Greeting Cards
    Did you know participants build their own series and parallel circuits during the Arduino workshops? You can try your hand at building circuits by clicking the button and following the directions to making your own LED Holiday Card at home!
    Materials you'll need:   
  • Coin Cell Battery
  • Copper Tape
  • LEDs
  • 'MakerSpace' Templates 
    Make a Greeting Card!   
    Alyssa Carson, "Blueberry"     
    In our last newsletter, you heard about the women at NASA paving the way. Let us introduce you to Alyssa Carson, 18-year-old austronaut trainee. Carson’s out-of-this-world dream to go to Mars was inspired at the age of three by the Nickelodeon show, The Backyardigans. Her journey from space camp to space camp across the globe took her from Huntsville, Alabama; to Laval, Canada; to Izmir, Turkey, making her the first to complete all of the official NASA space camps in the world. Carson took classes in STEM like physics, biology, and math to enrich her interests. But a math and science concentration in high school isn’t enough: she’s taking space courses where she’s always the youngest among college students and enthusiasts in their 40s, 50s, and even some in their 60s. Despite the age gap present, gender is pretty equal in this STEM field; she says there’s lots of females in the program!

    Know a girl who should read about Alyssa Carson? Carson's new book So You Want to Be an Astronaut? would make a great stocking stuffer! Follow her journey by clicking the button below.
    Follow her journey!

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